Do your team have ‘Working with Vulnerable People’ cards?
Yes. As a requirement each member of our team has a ‘Working with Vulnerable People’ card.
I have lost my order envelope – what now?
You can still order a photograph even if you have lost your envelope. Clearly mark any plain envelope with your child’s name, class, school name and what packages you wish to order. Your money can be placed in the new envelope. If you wish to pay by credit card record the receipt number on the envelope. The Portrait Gallery receives all receipts and will match it to your child’s envelope.
What payment methods are accepted?
The Portrait Gallery accepts cash or credit card payments. Most credit card payments can be made via our Online Ordering page. (link the two words Online Ordering to the page)
Can I pay online for my order?
Yes. We have a secure online ordering system that parents can take advantage of. If you choose this method of ordering you can order more than one child’s package in one transaction. To pay for school photographs with your credit card please enter the name of your school, student name, class and your package selection. You can do this by visiting our Online Ordering page.
Do you take sibling photos? How can I order it?
We take sibling photos as part of the school fundraiser. All sibling photos can be ordered directly from the school and all monies get paid to the school directly.
Can I send money for all my children in one envelope?
Yes you can. All siblings must however have their own envelope filled out accordingly. The envelope containing the money must clearly show this and at the back all sibling names and classes must be recorded. The envelopes with no money must be filled out with the student’s details. On the front of the envelope it must clearly show in what student’s envelope the money can be found. This will make the process at our office much easier as we can see for whom the money is paid.
How do we order two separate photo packs for mum and dad?
Each parent must fill out his or her own envelope indicating that the order is for mum or for dad.
How long before our photographs are delivered?
The best individual and group photographs are hand picked and all photographs are processed individually to ensure the best quality work. We pride ourselves in our work and try to keep turnaround time at a minimum. During peak times we aim to deliver photos within 6-8 weeks of photo day and 4-6 weeks during off-peak time. All individual photograph packages are delivered to the school. All other special orders will be posted to your nominated address within two weeks of ordering it online.
Is it too late to place an order after photo day?
No, parents can still order packages after photo day. Envelopes with cash can be left at the school’s front office. When online payments are made The Portrait Gallery will receive the receipt at the office. After an online order is received it is matched to your child and the order is processed to either be delivered with the rest of the school orders if received in time or afterwards. All late orders will be delivered to the school unless other arrangements our made with our office.
What should I do if I haven’t received my photos when other parents did?
Please contact our friendly office to trace your order.
Do you offer a refund if I’m not happy with my child’s photo?
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reasons parents are not satisfied with the photos taken they can return it within 10 days for a full refund.
This money-back guarantee does not apply to downloading digital portrait. Please make sure that you are happy with your hard-copy photo before downloading your digital print.