Do your team have ‘Working with Vulnerable People’ cards?
Yes. As a requirement each member of our team has a ‘Working with Vulnerable People’ card.
What happens after we make a booking with The Portrait Gallery?
A representative from our team will contact the photo day coordinator a few weeks before photo day to arrange data collection needed for photo day. Any questions you may have can be asked at this time, or any other day on or before your photo day. Four weeks prior to photo day one of our team members will deliver envelopes to the school to be handed out to each student. All envelopes have an information sheet attached to it to give parents clear instructions on how to order photographs.
What payment methods are accepted?
The Portrait Gallery accepts cash or credit card payments. Most credit card payments can be made via our Online Ordering page. (link the two words Online Ordering to the page)
Can our school get all photographs taken for school use?
Yes, The Portrait Gallery provides each school with a CD with all individual photographs. If the school wishes to receive the group photos as well it must be arranged beforehand.
How long before our photographs are delivered?
The best individual and group photographs are hand picked and all photographs are processed individually to ensure the best quality work. We pride ourselves in our work and try to keep turnaround time at a minimum.
During peak times we aim to deliver photos within 6-8 weeks of photo day and 4-6 weeks during off-peak time. Please feel free to contact us for an update on delivery time.
Do you offer a refund if a parent is unhappy with a student’s photo?
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reasons parents are not satisfied with the photos taken they can return it within 10 days for a full refund.
This money-back guarantee does not apply to downloading digital portrait. Please make sure that you are happy with your hard-copy photo before downloading your digital print.
What added benefits do our school receive from The Portrait Gallery?
We offer the best, local service and top quality photographs. Your school will receive complimentary staff photographs, whole school photo, digital options and graduation packs. We also give the school access to use our online facilities to create your own Yearbooks. As a fundraising opportunity we offer free family photos of siblings at your school and free I.D. cards to high schools. The school then sells these photos (we suggest for $15) and all proceeds go to your school.