The Portrait Gallery has been specialising in school photography for over 40 years and we have refined our process to ensure a trouble free photo day for teachers, students and parents.
Our experienced and friendly staff will arrive early on photo day to ensure enough time to meet the photo day coordinator and for set up. Any special requests as well as the schedule for the day can be discussed at this time. The Portrait Gallery team will make sure that all equipment is set up before the first photos are taken. Most schools prefer to have their staff photograph taken early just before students arrive or school start – if your school chooses to do this please let us know before photo day. Our entire process is designed to make photo day a pleasant and efficient experience and to make sure that the school and teachers are not inconvenienced.
* Group photos
When a class arrives for their traditional group photo it is best if they enter in two rows (boys and girls), lined up in height order. This will make it easy for our photographers to arrange the rows. Our friendly photographers will start moving students into their rows and instruct them on how to sit or stand. We will also make sure that all students look neat and tidy, as our attention to detail will ensure that an excellent group photograph is taken. After taking a couple of photos the photographers will give instructions on how the students can leave the benches in a safe and orderly manner. From here they will also show the children where to line-up for the individual photographs.
* Individual photographs
The photographers will advice the teacher on how to hand out the student’s envelopes and name slips to make sure that everyone is ready and lined-up for their individual photographs. Our team will give help and assistance where possible. Each student will move into the designated area where his or her individual photograph will be taken. The individual’s photographer will give clear instructions on how to stand. Once the photographer is happy with the photo the student can leave the area as directed and wait with for the rest of their class before returning to their normal activities.
At the end of the day The Portrait Gallery team will speak to the coordinator to make sure that all photographs were taken as expected. Once everyone involved is happy the team will pack up all equipment, ensuring that the space is left in the same way as at the start of the day.
What happens after photo day
Proofs of the group photographs taken are sent to the school approximately two weeks after photo day. Names sheets are attached to each photograph and must be filled out by the teacher. Teachers must ensure that the sheet is completed before giving it back and that all names are spelled correctly as this is how it will appear on the photograph. Please note that this is only a proof and not the final photograph. No editing has been done to these proofs.
As soon as the coordinator has received all proofs back our office can be contacted to pick it up. The school can also contact our office at any time to arrange for more envelope orders to be picked up. If parents ask questions about photo day encourage them to read the frequently asked questions.